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Post-Shutdown Voucher and Public Housing Funding Update

2019 Annual Conference Agenda Final 



B - Board Member, E – Executive Director, S - Staff





4:00 PM - 7:00 PM     EXHIBIT HALL VIEWING Nauset Center

Please become acquainted with our vendors and the products and services they offer your agency

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM     RECEPTION    Nauset Center

Co-Sponsored by: 

Gary L. Depace, CPA, PC

MassNAHRO Insurance Group, Inc.


7:00 PM   DINNER    Oceanview Dining Room

9:30 PM COFFEE & COOKIES Sea Crest Lobby



7:00 AM - 9:00 AM   BREAKFAST BUFFET    Oceanview Dining Room

8:00 AM   CONFERENCE REGISTRATION    Sea Crest Lobby     

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM     OPENING PLENARY SESSION   Ballroom 1 & 2

MassNAHRO Welcome & Overview (B, E, S)

MassNAHRO President and Executive Director will update members on the Association’s activities and progress since the last conference and provide insight on what’s in store going forward.  This session will also offer an overview of the agenda, speakers and extra activities that make up the 2019 Annual Conference.

Speakers: Brian Costello, President, MassNAHRO; Donna Brown-Rego, Executive Director, MassNAHRO


DHCD Town Hall Q&A (B, E, S)                Ballroom 1 & 2

Join DHCD staff for an interactive Q&A forum. Panelists will respond to questions posed by MassNAHRO Professional Development Committee and the membership.  

Moderator: Paul McPartland, Asset Management Coordinator, DHCD

DHCD Staff: Amy Stitely, Associate Director, Public Housing; Ben Stone, Director, Bureau of Housing Development and Construction; Laura Taylor, Director, Bureau of Housing Management



10:45 AM – 12:00 PM      CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Common Housing Application for Massachusetts Public Housing - CHAMP  (E, S)               Ballroom 1 & 2

Join DHCD at this session overview of CHAMP to learn more about technology updates, trainings, future enhancements and key performance indicators such as applicant data (Who is applying? How often?)

Moderator: Sherry Guilbault, Executive Director, Avon/Holbrook H.A.

Presenters: Andrew Clinton, Public Housing Systems Developer, DHCD; Christine DeVore, Assistant Director, Bureau of Housing Management, DHCD


Understanding Financial Reports for Monthly and Quarterly Board Meetings (B)                 Chatham

One of the most important functions of a board member is to review and monitor budgets and other financial documents to ensure expenditures are in compliance with federal laws and other requirements. In order to be successful, board members, staff and directors must have a basic understanding of their budgets. This session will help you interpret and monitor the LHA’s budget and financial statements. 

Moderator: Joanne Toomey, Executive Director, Dedham H.A.

Presenter: Teresa Ewald, CPA, Fenton, Ewald & Associates


10:30 PM - 4:30 PM    DHCD RESOURCE ROOM              Race Point

10:30 AM - 12:15 PM  EXHIBIT HALL VIEWING &   Nauset Center


Please visit with our vendors while you enjoy fresh coffee or soda.


10:30 AM – 4:30 PM  SILENT AUCTION  Hotel Lobby

All proceeds benefit the 

MassNAHRO Past Presidents Memorial Scholarship Fund.  

Bidding will close Tuesday, May 21, at 6:00 PM.


12:15 PM - 1:30 PM    LUNCH             Oceanview Dining Room


Outgoing President, Brian Costello

MassNAHRO Annual Meeting & Election

Presentation of Outstanding Agency, Board Member of the Year, 

Member of the Year & President’s Awards 


1:45 PM – 3:15 PM          CONCURRENT SESSIONS

PMR Data Update Review – Revision to Program Criteria per PHN 2019-01  (E, S)              Ballroom 1

This session will present on the latest in year over year PMR data on unit occupancy, operating reserve levels and Tenant Accounts Receivables (TAR) and will include for the first time maintenance and work order system criteria! We will also talk about the upcoming Publishing Year changes to the PMR program, starting with 3/31/19 cohort of LHAs (per PHN 2019-01).

Moderator: Lisa Audette, Executive Director, Franklin H.A.

Presenters: Bruce Budrick, Facilities Management Specialist, DHCD; Gretchen Haupt, Director of Programs and Operations, DHCD: Sonali Mathur, Public Housing Program Coordinator, DHCD; Laura Taylor, Director of Housing Management, DHCD

Using CORI to Screen Applicants (S)                                                                                      Ballroom 2

CORI is a key tool in reviewing applicant eligibility.  The latest changes to the law will be outlined and time provided for questions and answers on implementation of these changes. Be up to date on CORI. 

PresenterPeter Geraghty, Attorney, Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services; Norma Marquez, Program Manager, Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services


Building Relationships with your Legislators for Effective Advocacy  (B)                               Race Point

The 2019 Legislative Session is underway with several important housing bills and the FY2020 budget in motion. This interactive session will provide an overview of the state legislative and budget processes and share best practices for effective communication with legislative officials to get their support of our priorities. 

PresentersNeil O’Brien and Jeff Haggerty, Legislative Consultants, Brian S. Hickey & Associates; Members of the MassNAHRO Legislative Committee                    

3:15 PM – 4:30 PM        CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Death of a Tenant – Notification of Death, Probate Process and More!                                 Ballroom 1

The purpose of this seminar is to illustrate to you the potential dangers associated with dealing with tenants who have passed away and left their belongings. This seminar will describe the probate court process, your first steps upon learning of the death of a tenant, and the different routes to recover possession of a unit and the benefits and risks of each route.

Moderator:Connie Desbiens, Executive Director, Dartmouth/Swansea   

Presenter:Frank Flynn, Esq., Flynn Law Group, LLC        


Bullying, Depression and Isolation – Behavioral Health Supports for Residents (E, S)          Ballroom 2

Attendees will learn about existing behavioral health supports and Recovery Learning Communities (RLCs) across the Commonwealth. Recovery Learning Communities, funded by DMH, provide Certified Older Adult Peer Specialists (COAPS) for free. These COAPS trained staff are available for one-to-one peer support and to lead peer-to-peer support groups on housing campuses.

Moderator: Connie Donahue-Comtois, Deputy Director, Chelmsford H.A.

Presenter: Robin Krawczyk, Executive Office of Elder Affairs


What’s Next for the Tenant Board Member Training Program (B)                                                   Race Point

The Mel King Institute and DHCD are re-imagining the curriculum for the resident board member training program. At this session we will preview the proposed hot topics for next year’s training program and solicit your suggestions on what supports residents board members really need in order to be successful in their unique role. 

Moderator: Dan Ouellette, Executive Director, Attleboro H.A.

Presenters: Sarah Byrne, Public Housing Training Program Manager, Mel King Institute; Amy Stitely, Associate Director, DHCD


The Mass. Workplace Safety and Health Program (WSHP) - How Does It Impact Housing Authorities (E, S)     Nauset Center

In 2018, Mass. General Laws were amended to clarify employee safety requirements in public sector workplaces.  Effective as of February 1, 2019, public employers, including housing authorities, are required to provide methods to reduce work-related injury and illness, which meet the minimum requirements provider under OHSA.  Prepare your housing authority and staff for compliance with the WSHP.  Attendees will be provided with tips, tools and FAQs. Presented on behalf of the MassNAHRO Insurance Group, Inc.

Moderator: Dan Finn, Executive Director, Greenfield H.A.

Panelist: David Matosky, CRM, CMS Associates, Inc.


4:00 PM - 6:30 PM EXHIBIT HALL VIEWING Nauset Center

Last chance to meet the vendors and see the products and services they offer your agency.


4:30 PM       MASSNAHRO INSURANCE GROUP ANNUAL MEETING                     Highland


5:30 PM - 7:00 PM     RECEPTION    Nauset Center

Sponsored by: 

MassNAHRO Insurance Group, Inc.


7:00 PM   DINNER    Oceanview Dining Room

Guest Speaker: Mike Kennealy

Secretary of Housing and Economic Development

Presentation of Massachusetts Public Housing Administrator and 

Board Member Certification and Longevity Awards


Following Dinner  LIVE MUSIC  Red's Lounge 

Join in on the fun with one of our own members from the Canton H.A. and the “Back in Time Band” for a mix of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music. Bring your dancing shoes, a good voice and $10 entry fee! All proceeds will benefit the MassNAHRO Past Presidents Memorial Scholarship Fund. Come enjoy!



7:00 AM - 9:00 AM   BREAKFAST BUFFET    Oceanview Dining Room




8:30 AM – 9:30 AM   PLENARY SESSION  (B, E, S)     Ballroom 1 & 2


Balancing Your Work Life, Family & Passions

Motivational Speaker: Susan Cooper                         


Construction Procurement/Prevailing Wage Law for Awarding Authorities (E, S)     Ballroom 1

This presentation will include an overview of the requirements of G.L. c. 149 and 30, 39M. There will also be a discussion of the Designer Selection Law and tips for avoiding common bidding problems and Bid Protest Hearings. The prevailing wage part of the seminar will present a brief overview of the prevailing wage law, the difference between the Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Labor Standards in interpreting the prevailing wage law, and seven key points for awarding authorities with regard to the prevailing wage law.  

Moderator: Candace Doherty, Executive Director, Millis H.A.

Presenter: Deborah Anderson, Assistant Attorney General, Construction Bid Unit 


Open Meeting Law (B)                                                                                     Ballroom 2

This session will provide an overview of the Open Meeting Law, what the requirements of a local housing authority are, what constitutes a breach of the Open Meeting Law, executive session and when and how it can be utilized, participation by board members who may not be physically present at a public meeting, public participation.  Best practices will be discussed, and examples will be provided

Moderator: Leila Botsford, Executive Director, Mashpee H.A.

Presenter: Jeffrey Driscoll, Esq., Executive Director, Medford H.A.


Medium/Large Agency Roundtable (E, S)                                                      Ballroom 3

Come join other medium to large sized LHAs to discuss short and long-term issues you encounter daily. Discuss strategies on strategic staffing, effective maintenance plans, identifying alternate revenue streams, managing multiple properties, dealing with public safety issues and ways to provide strong resident service programming. This is an open roundtable discussion that will provide you insight and ideas on how to other LHAs, similar to yours are tackling all these issues. 

Moderator: Alex Corrales, Executive Director, Worcester H.A.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM COFFEE BREAK  Sea Crest Lobby

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM    Chatham

MassNAHRO Section 8 Centralized Waiting List

New Application Demonstrations         


11:15 AM – 12:30 PM       CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance Initiative  (E, S)                                        Ballroom 3

MassNAHRO is launching a Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance Initiative. The plan is to identify professional staff at member housing authorities across the state with expertise in various areas of housing authority operations to provide technical assistance to other members that need it. There will be several tiers of assistance available ranging from a directory of staff to call or email with quick questions, to lending temporary staff in admin or maintenance. Participate in this roundtable discussion to help identify the areas of operations where technical assistance is needed.  

Facilitator: Colleen Doherty, Executive Director, Taunton H.A


Board Meeting Do’s & Don’ts (B)                                                                    Ballroom 2

The job of a board member is vitally important for a housing authority to run effectively. Come listen to the do’s and don’ts of meetings to be confident that you have the tools to be sure you are running yours successfully.

Moderator: Colleen Sullivan-Locchi, Executive Director, Norwell H.A.

Panelist: Jeffrey Driscoll, Esq., Executive Director, Medford H.A.


Repositioning Public Housing including RAD & Volunteer Conversion (E, S)      Ballroom 1

Federal Public Housing Repositioning Options. HUD panelists will review repositioning options for federal public housing including RAD, Section 18 Disposition/Demolition and Section 22 Voluntary Conversion. The panel will also inform participants about no cost repositioning technical assistance available from HUD. 

Moderator: David Hedison, Executive Director, Chelmsford H.A.

Panelists: Marilyn O’Sullivan, Director, Office of Housing & Urban Development; Maura O’Brien, Division Director, Office of Housing & Urban Development; Jennifer Hudon, Program Analyst, Office of Housing & Urban Development



Presentation of the 2019 Scholarship Winners


1:45 PM  CANDY BAR      Sea Crest Lobby

Sponsored by:
Thomas J. Connelly, Jr. 



State Grievance Hearings (S)                                                                          Ballroom 3

This interactive session will provide strategies for more effective and less stressful grievance hearings. It will provide approaches to successful grievance hearings and provide policies and examples of positive outcomes. 

Panelists: Barbara Vivian. Executive Assistant, Medford H.A.; Jeffrey Driscoll, Executive Director, Medford H.A.


RCAT Q&A Session (E, S)                                                                                Ballroom 2

As we enter into our fourth year of service, LHAs whom originally opted out have been given the opportunity to opt back in, and many are planning to do so. This will not only provide info to new LHAs but will give everyone an overall idea of what we’ve been up to and what the challenges successes and opportunities have been. It will also inform attendees on what is new for FY20 and in the coming years. 

Moderator: Peter Proulx, Assistant Executive Director, Worcester H.A.  

Panelists: Kirk Fulton, Director, Northeast RCAT; Phaldie Taliep, Director, Central RCAT


10 Tips to Keep Your LHA Out of Legal Trouble Featuring the Regional Attorneys (E, S)       Ballroom 1

This session will share practical tips to help keep your LHA running smoothly and avoid unnecessary legal headaches.  Using lessons learned the hard way, the presenters will share ten tips you should know about lease enforcement, eviction, reasonable accommodation, sanitary code compliance and enforcement, language policies, and security cameras.  Attendees will learn about legal pitfalls as well as tips to help your LHA be successful if it does have to go to Court.  After attending the session, participants will be able to more confidently know what to avoid doing when legal questions arise and what resources are available to help LHAs when unfamiliar situations arise.

Moderator: Sarah O’Leary, Risk Management Specialist, DHCD

Presenters: Karen Ahlers, Regional Attorney; Andrew Bailey, Regional Attorney; Mary John Boylan, Regional Attorney; Lori McBride, Regional Attorney

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM                   CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Small/Medium Agency Roundtable (E, S)                                          Ballroom 1

This popular interactive workshop will feature members of the MassNAHRO Small Housing Authority Task Force. The focus will be challenges of small agencies, the new MassNAHRO peer-to-peer technical assistance working group and more. Attendees should come with questions. 

Moderator: Mark Roy, Executive Director, Canton H.A.


Board Member Roundtable (B)                                                           Ballroom 2

There is much to be learned and shared from your peers in dealing with common problems and issues facing elected and appointed officials. The opportunity to discuss, compare circumstances and share local resolutions has proven beneficial. Come join your peers!


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM   RECEPTION    Ocean View Porch

Silent Auction to benefit the Past Presidents Memorial Scholarship Fund.  

Bidding will close at 6:00 PM.


7:00 PM   DINNER    Oceanview Dining Room


9:30 PM COFFEE & COOKIES  Sea Crest Lobby


Wednesday, MAY 22

9:00 AM    WRAP-UP ROUNDTABLE   Ballroom I

This interactive session provides a chance to render conference feedback and raise issues and items for future sessions. Questions and comments about the conference and future conferences are encouraged.


10:30 AM - 11:30 AM    MEDITATION Indoor Pool

Join Executive Director of the Mashpee H.A. and newly certified meditation teacher Leila Botsford to learn and practice a little Mindfulness Meditation.  No experience necessary. Let’s end this conference on a peaceful note!  



     Rent Calculation for State-Aided Public Housing   Racepoint

Wrapping up the 9th rent calculation on Cape Cod! Don’t miss this well attended training on state-aided rent calculation. Pre-registration and separate fee is required. 

MCPPO - Excellence in Public Procurement  Chatham

Attendees earn credits towards their MCPPO recertification through the Inspector General’s Office. Pre-registration and separate fee is required.


Download PDF Agenda Here