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Lease and Eviction Training

Widely regarded as an extraordinarily “tenant-friendly” state, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is one of the most difficult places to evict a tenant. Coupled with the fact that Local Housing Authorities serve an extremely vulnerable part of the population, eviction may not seem like an option that your housing authority is willing or able to consider.  This session will make clear that a decision not to consider eviction is also a decision to do more work, waste time, money, and resources, and get less results.  This session will also demonstrate how, contrary to popular belief, the eviction process can and should be used regularly as a tool to maintain difficult tenancies.  Directors, Managers, and Staff will learn proven methods for resolving numerous, day-to-day tenant issues using the eviction process (or threat of eviction). Understanding these essential principles will make you a better Director or Manager, and translate into a housing authority that is managed more efficiently and effectively.  The instructors will provide first-hand accounts on how to work within the confines of a “tenant-friendly” court system and provide insight on how to use such a bent to your advantage.  Significant focus will be placed upon learning tenant and housing authority obligations under the DHCD State Lease. Well known for highlighting relevant case studies and stories from their combined 45+ year careers in the public housing industry, the instructors will also encourage student interaction and “real life” questions.


About the Instructors

Jeffrey Driscoll is the Founding Partner of Driscoll & Driscoll, P.C.  Jeffrey has a diverse background in the public housing industry, having worked as an administrator, legal counsel, and housing trainer.  Jeffrey served as Executive Director of the Taunton Housing Authority, Acting Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director of the Barnstable Housing Authority, Deputy Director of Massachusetts NAHRO, and presently serves as General Counsel for the Somerville Housing Authority.  Jeffrey has been licensed to practice law since 1995 and has represented numerous local housing authorities in Massachusetts since that time.  Jeffrey was instrumental in the planning, development, and execution of Massachusetts NAHRO’s Executive Director and Commissioner certification programs where he presently teaches personnel, public housing law, ethics, procurement, contracts, and professional relationships for Massachusetts NAHRO. Since 2002, Jeffrey has been a trainer for the Rutgers University’s Center for Government Services where Jeffrey annually teaches public housing law to public housing authority officials in the State of New Jersey.  Jeffrey has conducted numerous trainings and lectured to public housing officials and groups throughout the United States including his work as a trainer in PHADA’s Executive Director Education Program since 2000, and as a presenter at PHADA conferences, with the New England Regional Council of NAHRO, Massachusetts NAHRO, Connecticut NAHRO, the Southeast Regional Council of NAHRO, the Alabama Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities, and as a trainer for individual PHAs and their commissioners and staff.   He also provides PHA training for the Rutgers University Center for Government Services.


Jonathan Driscoll became a Partner at Driscoll & Driscoll, P.C. in 2012. In his time at Driscoll & Driscoll, P.C., Jonathan has quickly become an expert in the public housing industry in Massachusetts.  In addition to his work in public housing, Jonathan has worked in the areas of criminal law, estate planning, investigations, and business organization services.  While working for the Boston Housing Authority, Jonathan litigated Section 8 termination hearings and also assisted in corporate by-law restructurings.  Jonathan has also worked for the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General and the Law Offices of Larry Conway in San Diego, California.  Jonathan has made numerous presentations and lectured to public housing officials and groups throughout the United States including PHADA, the New England Regional Council of NAHRO, Massachusetts NAHRO, and the Alabama Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials. He is licensed to practice law in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.



Registration fee is $149 per person and includes morning coffee, lunch and all materials. The workshop will go from 9 AM - 4 PM.


Friday, April 27, 2018
Medford H.A.
121 Riverside Dr.




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