Cybersense Training


Cybersense is offering discounted training in Excel, Windows, and Word.
Registration fee is $75 per personand includes continental breakfast, lunch and materials. 

A portion of the revenue will go to MassNAHRO’s Past Presidents Memorial Scholarship Fund.

MassNAHRO will enter the names of participants from all classes into a FREE RAFFLE!
The drawing will be held in late April, and the winner can choose from:

Sonos Smart Speaker, Apple Watch Series 5, or Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch


To register: Click on the date of the class below.  Scroll down for course descriptions.



Brockton H.A.

Woburn H.A.

145 Spring Ct.

Holyoke H.A.

475 Maple St.

Excel Introduction



February 12

March 4 

April 1


Excel Introduction

Overflow Date

February 13 March 5 N/A

Windows File Management



Word Refresher


February 18

March 10

April 7


Windows & Word

Overflow Date

February 19  N/A 

April 17


Excel & Word Intermediate Overview 

Excel (9:30AM-12:30PM)

Word (1:30AM-4:30PM)

February 20

March 16


April 14



Excel & Word

Overflow Date

February 21  N/A  N/A


Find the course descriptions below. 





Length Pre-Requisites Description of Course
Excel Introduction 3 6 hours Windows Basics

You will learn to design a spreadsheet from the ground up. You will learn entering, editing and deleting data; mathematics, creating formulas to add, subtract, multiply & divide, correcting and filling a formula; working with built-in functions, autosum and the paste function tool.You will also learn to format and adjust spreadsheets.


In addition, we will cover inserting & deleting rows/columns; how to copy & move data; dragging & dropping; adjusting width & height; adding borders, fill color, changing fonts & point size; customizing margins, headers & footers; and sheet printout options.
Excel Intermediate overview 6 3 hours Excel Basics + Excel Formatting + use of Excel for 2 months Presented as a light overview to Intermediate Excel topics, this class covers how to work with multiple Excel sheets and how to create linking formulas. We will also cover the basics of using Excel as a database to sort and filter.
Word Refresher 4 3 hours Must have been using Word for at least 1 year. This is an accelerated review class.

Word Refresher is an accelerated combination of Word Basics and Word Formatting with concentration on formatting skills. You will learn effective methods of navigating within a document and shortcut selection techniques. More efficient methods of deleting & undeleting, moving & copying text; dragging & dropping; and using the clipboard will be covered. We will also review manual page breaks vs. section breaks, inserting the date & time; using spell check, thesaurus & grammar check.


You will also learn different shortcut methods of applyingbold,italics&underline; changing color & font; using format painter; page setup; changing margins; adjusting line spacing; setting tabs; indenting & aligning paragraphs; numbers & bullets; applying borders; changing case; using drop caps. Even though these may be concepts you are already familiar with, this class focuses on the techniques you use everyday in Word. This is a perfect chance to cement your skills before moving onto higher level Word classes.
Word Intermediate Overview 5 3 hours Introduction to Word or Word Refresher You will learn page numbering; creating headers & footers; inserting a field; finding data; replace; copying & moving between documents; design and use of templates; working with document comments; autotext (“text macros”); file properties; checking word count; and customizing the toolbars.
Windows: File Management Techniques 4 3 hours The student must be comfortable with using a keyboard and mouse. This class is for people who have been using Windows but were never formally trained. If you have been "getting by" but not truly understanding where your files are, this class is for you. Anyone who wants to get their files organized should take this class. To get the most out of this class, you need to be working with Excel, Word or PowerPoint and creating files that need to be managed. My Computer

Viewing Drive Contents

Changing the View

Moving and Copying Files

The Desktop and Creating/Using Shortcuts


Connecting to a Network Drive

Overview of various drives

Suggestions for where to store files


The Window Explorer

Opening the Explorer

Changing the View

The Windows Explorer Toolbar

File Name Conventions

Sorting in Details View

Creating a New Folder

Moving and Copying Files

Selecting Files in the Explorer

Renaming Files or Folders

Deleting Files or Folders

Restoring Files from the Recycle Bin

Emptying the Recycle Bin

Formatting a Disk

Creating a Shortcut

Searching for Files