Protecting Applicants, Participants and Employees from Sexual and Other Harassment

Webinar presented by:

Cara Gillette, Nan McKay & Associates


This webinar will cover HUD’s Final Rule on Sexual and Other Harassment, published in 2016. We will also cover the HUD and DOJ initiative on sexual and other harassment, launched in 2018.

Previously, the doctrines of quid pro quo and hostile environment were applied to sexual harassment. Now, the Fair Housing Act applies these doctrines in prohibiting harassment based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and disability.

This webinar will help PHA directors, managers and staff understand why this rule is so important and how it pertains to applicants, residents and PHA employees. We’ll explore quid pro quo and hostile environment with examples, who is considered a victim, who is directly liable, and the prohibition against retaliation for reporting.

We’ll provide best-practices, both in PHA policy and procedures, and how you as a manager or employee can best address these issues as they arise so you can protect yourself and your PHA from legal challenges. You will also be protecting applicants, residents and participants from potential harassment.


Thursday, June 25

10 AM - 12 PM


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Non-Member Fee: $225

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 Thursday, June 25
10 AM - 12 PM


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