Code of Conduct
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adopted unanimously by vote of the MassNAHRO Board of Directors on October 15, 2003

The purpose of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials is (1) to be the leading housing and community development advocate for the provision of adequate and affordable housing and strong viable communities for all persons, particularly those with low and moderate incomes, (2) to strengthen the capacities of member agencies, (3) to develop and deliver the highest quality products and services for housing and community development practitioners, and (4) to educate and certify the membership and to update members on changes in pertinent rules, regulations, policies, procedures and statutes.

Each MassNAHRO agency and individual member, and those formally certified through one of MassNAHRO’s comprehensive examination programs, will adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct that supports this purpose and pledges to:

  • Promote the public interest through the advocacy for responsible administration of housing and community development programs
  • Perform work responsibilities with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism in order to merit the respect of the beneficiaries of programs, elected officials, and the general public
  • Exercise diligence, objectivity and honesty in executing professional responsibilities.
  • Avoid any activities which conflict or may reasonably appear to conflict with official duties and not accept directly or indirectly any fee, rebate commission, discount, gratuity or other benefit whether monetary or otherwise for the professional discharge of duties except an authorized established salary, expenses and other benefits.
  • Serve the public with dedication, concern, courtesy, and responsiveness.
  • Continually strive for professional excellence personally, and encourage and support associates in their professional development efforts.
  • Avoid misuse or misrepresentation of any of MassNAHRO’s certifications.
  • Promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within the industry.
  • Immediately report known violations of this Code of Professional Conduct to the Executive Director of MassNAHRO.