Massachusetts Public Housing Administrator (MPHA) Certification Program

MPHA Certification is recommended for the new executive director or as a refresher for veterans, and those for whom an executive director's position is the next step on their career ladder. MPHA certification is recognized in the DHCD Executive Directors Salary & Qualifications Schedule.

The Certification consists of seven (7) required courses over five (5) full days (some courses are only half-day). The courses can be completed in any order. Sessions will be scheduled continuously throughout the year at various locations across the state. Notifications will be sent and included in monthly newsletters. Contact the MassNAHRO office with any questions. Course run from 9AM - 4PM.

MPHA Registration fee: Member Agency - $199; Non-Member Agency - $250

* 2 Half Day classes fee: $199 together

Note: Please be sure to submit the completed Registration Form in addition to completing payment information.

Webinar Format Note: Confirmations are sent 24 hours in advance of the training with necessary materials and access to login. If you believe you have not received the confirmation email email or for assistance. 


 Professional Relationships - 1/2 day

 Topics: Board, Residents, Community at Large,   Regulators, Legislators

 Trainer: Attorney Jeffrey L. Driscoll 

 Next session:  June 19  WEBINAR

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 Procurement/Contract Administration   - 1/2 day

 Topics: Bid Packages, Purchasing Collectives, MGL            Ch. 30B 7 Ch. 149

 Trainer: Attorney Jeffrey L. Driscoll

 Next session: June 19    WEBINAR

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 Financial Elements - 1/2 day

 Topics: Operating Budgets, Internal Controls, Audits,   Reserves/Investments, Cash Management, Deficit v.   Retained Revenue

 Trainer: Teresa Ewald, CPA

 Next session: TBD

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Maintenance / Modernization - 1/2 day

 Topics: Repair Prioritization, Work Order Systems,   Inventory & Supplies, Emergencies, Preventative   Maintenance Plans, Job Classifications, Inspections,   Capital Improvement Plans, Restricted Reserves,   Funding Options

 Trainer: James Comer

 Next session: TBD

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 Personnel Management

 Topics: Local Policy, Hiring & Firing,   Unionization/Collective Bargaining, Performance   Evaluations, Personnel   Policies

 Trainer: Attorney Jeffrey L. Driscoll

 Next session:TBD

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 Legal Elements

 Topics: Statutes, Regulations & Waivers, Contracts,   Policies, Liability, Eviction

 Trainer: Attorney Jeffrey L. Driscoll

 Next session: July 10 WEBINAR

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Occupancy Cycle

 Topics: Tenant Selection, Continued Occupancy &   Transfers, Lease, Rent Determination, Grievance   Procedures

 Trainer: Attorney Karen O. Ahlers

 Next session:  November 5

  Holyoke H.A.

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