Meet Your Board Member

Leila Botsford 

Vice-President of  Small Housing Authorities

MassNAHRO Board of Directors 

Executive Director of Mashpee H.A.


Leila Botsford has been working for public housing in Massachusetts for over 31 years. She started out her career at the Taunton Housing Authority in 1987 working as an administrative assistant to the then-Executive Director Tony Thomas. Three years later she moved to Cape Cod in 1990 and worked at Barnstable Housing Authority for 8 years as the Leased Housing Coordinator. In 1998 she began her role as the Executive Director for Mashpee Housing Authority, where she has worked to grow the housing authority significantly over the past 22 years.

In her capacity at the Mashpee Housing Authority, in 2007, Ms. Botsford was instrumental in developing a 56-unit Low Income Housing Tax Credit development managed by the housing authority. More recently, she worked to develop 10 units of affordable family rental housing on excess housing authority land. Ms. Botsford created and runs a CPC-funded Housing Assistance Program in Mashpee, which assists residents with on-going rental assistance (vouchers), assistance with first/last/security deposits, first-time homebuyer down-payment assistance, and emergency assistance for back rent or mortgage payments. The Mashpee Housing Authority has successfully managed Brewster Housing Authority since 2013 and currently also manages the Carver and Mattapoisett Housing Authorities. In addition to public and private housing management, Ms. Botsford also oversees the management of 84 MRVP vouchers.

Her commitment to affordable housing originally stemmed from being homeless herself for a short period of time, as well as the challenges that came with single parenthood. In her spare time, Ms. Botsford loves hanging out with her family: husband Jeff, son Adam, daughter-in-law Erin, son Christopher, daughter-in-law Anna, granddaughter Fiona and dogs Bella and Deanna. She loves gardening, and volunteering for animals in need as well. She serves on the MassNAHRO’s Board of Directors, Housing Committee, Professional Development/Member Services Committee, By-law Committee, Nominating Committee and chair's the Small Housing Authority Task Force (SHATF). She is also the Immediate Past President of SMEDA and Past President of SHADO.