Mission and Vision

MassNAHRO is the leader in connecting public agencies of all sizes, state and federal, to resources necessary to achieve professional success through collaboration, education, and advocacy.


The mission of MassNAHRO is to educate, support, and advocate for our member agencies to ensure the preservation, protection, and expansion of public and affordable housing. By adhering to the highest industry standards, we provide professional development to create and sustain strong agencies, staff, and boards, resulting in empowered residents and healthy communities.


Our vision is to be the premier membership organization and unparalleled resource for the housing profession. We will provide leadership and tools to build capacity and empower agencies to preserve, protect, and expand inventory.

In doing so, we will become powerhouse advocates for public housing.

Key behaviors we encourage and support:

o   Innovation

o   Professionalism

o   Ethical behaviors



We believe housing is a basic human right. Public and affordable housing is a sustainable and fiscally-responsible business model.

o   Commitment to advocacy

o   Professionalism

o   Innovation

o   Resilience


Members include:

  • 242 Local Housing Authorities
  • 4 Community Development Agencies
  • 1,500 Executive Directors/Board Members
  • 40 Affiliate Members

  Members Own/Manage:

  • 43,000 State Public Housing Units
  • 38,000 Federal Public Housing Units
  • 3,500 State Rental Assistance Units
  • 55,000 Federal Section 8 Vouchers