COVID-19 Resources for Housing Authorities

Links to information on the virus:

Mass. Department of Public Health

Mass. Cases by City/Town, Quarantine and Monitoring


KP Law

-Important Update regarding Effective Date of Families First Coronavirus Response Act – April 1, 2020

-PowerPoint from the Families First COVID-19 Response Act Webinar on 4/23 Click here for PDF 

OCD Guidance to Getting Supplies


DHCD Guidance Resources Links

DHCD COVID-19 Communication & Guidance 

PHN 2020-18 Protection of Personal Data at Home or in the Office

PII Tips & Tricks

PHN 2020-17 DHCD Required Certifications and Submissions Deadline Extension

PHN 2020-16 Remote Public Meetings During COVID-19

PHN 2020-15 Resident Services Resources

Self Sufficiency Program Questions and Answers

PHN 2020-14 Procuring Supplies & Services Related to COVID-19

OSD Products and Services Bulletin

PHN 2020-13 Preparing for and Responding to COVID-19 cases in Public Housing

PHN 2020-12 Guidance on Evictions, Recertifications

PHN 2020-11 Operational Guidance for COVID-19

PHN 2020-10 Guidance on Capital Projects

PHN 2020-09 Interim Redeterminations

PHN 2020-08 extending deadlines on AUP, Annual Plan and Subsidy Agreements.

Attachments to PHNs


HUD FAQs, waiver requests, additional questions

HUD PIH Notice 2020-05 Guidance on waivers, alternate deadlines

HUD's latest FAQs are attached here.

HUD has set up dedicated mailboxes:

For additional questions/issues, the responses to which will be added to the

For all PHA-related waiver requests, which will be  expedited send to HUD Headquarters at


Other Resources:

COVID-19 and Workers' Comp

The MassNAHRO Insurance Group, Inc., the largest writer of workers’ compensation insurance for MassNAHRO Members, has been fielding questions recently regarding COVID-19 and its potential impact on employees of local housing authorities. In particular, this question has been asked – is an employee who is presumed to have, or who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 eligible for workers’ compensation benefits? In order for an injury, illness or disease to be compensable under workers’ compensation insurance, the injury, illness or disease must have occurred within the course and scope of employment. While specific circumstances and facts may exist that might reasonably support a claim that the onset of COVID-19 may be work related, additional factors likely preclude such a determination. An occupational illness or disease is a workplace exposure. An occupational illness or disease is not a general life or general public exposure. Given the customary and usual workplace functions and duties performed by housing authority employees, COVID-19 exposure would be considered a general life exposure in the same fashion as the flu, a cold, or any other similar contagion. Housing authority employees are not considered to be at any greater risk of contracting COVID-19 than the rest of the general population. Absent a directive or ruling from a relevant regulatory authority in Mass., claims involving COVID-19 would not be deemed compensable under workers’ compensation insurance.

Call/Texting Solutions to Reach Residents 

One Call Now Solutions - Janelle Lott,  Regional Account Manager at  One Call Now -  P 937.573.2373 -  F 937.335.3887

Callfire - - CallFire Inc. 1.877.897.3473 (Submitted by the Worcester H.A.)

Link to other similar software

Contact for KN95 masks in Easton, MA:

  Pete Boosader 508-889-3643 

  1000 masks - 3.50 each, over 5000 - 3.25

(the minimum order is 1000, if you are a smaller H.A. we suggest contacting surrounding H.A.s to combine your need to meet the minimum as an option.)(Submitted by Quincy H.A.)

United Way Resources for Resident Services Coordinators 

Link to United Way's Local Funds and more COVID resources

Sample Documents:

Sample Notice to employees on working remotely

Sample Notice to employees on childcare timeoff


Sample Notices to Tenants:


Sample Resource Guide For Residents


Activities for Residents

[from Colleen Doherty, Taunton H.A]

  • Dance Contest for our kids to submit video. All must submit dancing to the song Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" Winning dances posted to our website with prizes. Must have guardian/parental permission
  • Poster Contest "What Family Means to Me" create poster and tape to windows we will judge and post to our website with prizes.
  • Posting you tube videos for families of fun inexpensive recipes and activities.  
  • Trivia Tuesdays for our elderly/disabled. Call them all every day with one trivia question one hour to call back with the answer. Every Tuesday we will announce winners who got all question right for the week.
  • Asking elderly/disabled residents to paint rocks and/or color Easter eggs. We will then hide both for our kids to find in our family developments. Numbering the rocks and eggs so kids can make a card or pictures for the resident who made them. THA will know the identity of the resident who made them by the number.
  • Posting jar of jellybeans to guess the number inside on our website and doorways. Prizes for top 5 closest guesses.


Login to the MassNAHRO forum to ask questions and post suggestions on how you are handling the situation. By sharing ideas we can create best practices to help residents and employees during this pressing time.